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Nowhere Networks is on a mission to connect every ship with high speed broadband.

Maritime Internet at its best.

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Our Terrestrial Internet Network Coverage in Europe

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Nowhere Networks European network map

Our offering

Nowhere Networks is a world-leading network operator for the marine industry, offering maritime Internet at it’s best. We build and manage high speed internet networks, primarily in Europe, but soon throughout the world. We offer the maritime industry the best, fastest and most cost-effective high-speed internet / broadband solution on the market. We build smart networks that cover larger areas than any competitor in the market with our smart in-house developed solution.

We can offer a number of different commercial solutions, choose the solution that best suits your situation. Our solution is a complete setup where you as a customer avoid investments and only pay a monthly cost where everything is included, ie no unnecessary surprises. We install the equipment on your ships, we implement them into our network, we put everything into operation and we manage the solution fully, with almost no effort for you. A true turnkey internet solution for your fleet.

Wireless Technology

Wireless antenna tracking technology which auto-beams wireless signal from ship to shore, keeping vessels connected at all times.

Ships & Vessels

Enabling shipping companies, ferry operators and Oil & Gas providers to control entire fleets, allowing growth of network how they want it.


We provide a Hyper Intelligent cloud-based tracker platform scaling to over 10,000 vessels. Connecting every ship with broadband.

Maritime Internet Solution

In order to achieve long reach and high capacity, Nowhere Networks use highly positioned heavy-duty antennas on land and on ships. It ensures high speed and fast response time. It is the same technology that mobile operators use to link their mobile masts, but with moving targets in the form of ships.

We combine our moving and stabilized antennas with cloud-based software that constantly monitors, adjusts and ensures that the ships get the best possible connection. The software continuously learns what is best for all vessels and builds up its intelligence over time.

We offer a true turnkey maritime Internet solution for your fleet. 

About us

Nowhere Networks is a Swedish fast-growing innovative high-tech company that develops its own cost-effective radio-based broadband solution for the shipping industry. Our business concept is to offer broadband services with high speed and high quality to ships at a significantly lower cost compared to older systems and other available solutions in the market.

The technical solution consists of a radio communication solution with built-in antenna tracking technology that automatically communicates a wireless signal from ship to land and keeps the vessels connected at all times. Our intelligent cloud-based software platform scales to over 10,000 vessels and enables automatic operation and control.


Nowhere Network’s offers Network Solutions, Harbour Solutions, Onboard service Solutions and Offshore solutions.

Why us

  • Strong innovative company
  • Proven and unique solution – many customers – only happy customers
  • Complete solution – We build the infrastructure with our own developed solution – we manage the solution as a Networks as a Service – All included
  • Flexible solution – We can manage and administrate everything in the infrastructure. We can manage the mast rental contract as well as the internet contracts. One bill – One supplier – Predictable costs
  • Fully managed – SLA 24/7/365 – All included
  • Work directly with the customer or through partners – The customer decides
  • Project management – We manage the project, we control the whole project from architecture to climbing in masts – We do everything the customer asks.
  • Strong focus on R&D – Driven by customers needs
  • Personal company – Every customer has a TAM ( Technical Account Manager ) and a KAM (Key Account Manager)

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