Nowhere Networks offers cutting-edge solutions to enhance communication and connectivity for vessels at sea. We provide reliable and cost-effective services that cater to the specific needs in terms of Network solutions, Harbour solutions and Onboard service solutions.

Network Solutions

Nowhere Networks is a world-leading network operator for the marine industry, offering maritime Internet at it’s best. We build and manage high speed internet networks, primarily in Europe, but soon throughout the world. We offer the maritime industry the best, fastest and most cost-effective high-speed internet / broadband solution on the market. We build smart networks that cover larger areas than any competitor in the market with our smart in-house developed solution.

We can offer a number of different commercial solutions, choose the solution that best suits your situation. Our solution is a complete setup where you as a customer avoid investments and only pay a monthly cost where everything is included, ie no unnecessary surprises. We install the equipment on your ships, we implement them into our network, we put everything into operation and we manage the solution fully, with almost no effort for you. A true turnkey internet solution for your fleet.

Harbour Solutions – Port Connectivity

We can now offer a superior port connectivity solution that can be used as a separate service in our complete offering to the market. The solution has been developed for the cruise ship industry in particular as a very competitive alternative to satellite and other types of communication solutions. We can offer speeds of up to 1 Gbits in the port and near the port. Using our service only requires a simple and quick installation of our equipment and as a customer you connect when you want and as much as you want. The customer only pays when the service is used.

Services Offered

The Ports

We can currently ( May 2023) offer our solutions to the following ports, and we and we are constantly expanding the number of ports.

Ports available May 2023

Onboard Service Solutions

Nowhere Networks Onboard Services Solution enables ship operators to maximize the internet connectivity to the ships, provide a great user experience and the opportunity to create additional revenue from premium Wi-Fi services.

The Onboard Services solution functionality is based on two solutions developed by Nowhere Networks. A Dynamic Connectivity Gateway which is placed onboard each ship and a Wi-Fi Services Suite (WSS) running in Nowhere Networks’ cloud. Both solutions are tightly integrated and utilize the combined functionality to provide better and more reliable service for passengers, crew and critical ship functions like IoT.

The Dynamic Connectivity Gateway (DCG) is used both for use cases with Wi-Fi access for passengers and crew as well as use cases to control the bandwidth prioritized and used by all forms of communication to and from the ship, such as passenger services, IoT and other ship systems, crew communication, payment terminals, etc.

One of the key components, that is offering unique functionality to the marine industry, is the Traffic Management Engine (TME). It is an industry first that that does real-time control of all data flowing in and out to the ship.

The TME does a deep analysis of traffic flowing through it. It can recognize and classify all types of traffic. Uniquely the TME also is aware of the available bandwidth in real-time. It can adjust traffic flows and prioritize different service and re-distribute bandwidth to ensure critical services and prioritized services are delivered within set parameters. It will manage bandwidth hogging services like streaming video to ensure it does not take all the bandwidth. This results in a significantly better user experience and happier passengers.

Nowhere Networks Wi-Fi Services Suite (WSS) enables ship operators to offer added value to their passengers with internet access over Wi-Fi.

The WSS enables a ship operator to provide differentiated services over the Wi-Fi network. It can be used to control the services given to the passengers and ensure a great user experience. It is possible to control and limit the usage to make sure all users have a fair and reasonable usage while also providing the option for premium services and making sure prioritized services are managed correctly.

The WSS enables the possibility to monetize the Wi-Fi services and generate extra revenue. Additionally, is to provide the passengers with ship information, opportunities for surveys and advertisement.

The WSS comes with a Captive Portal. It offers a multitude of branding opportunities for the ship operator and becomes the starting point of the passenger’s digital journey. Available services can be presented to the passengers and purchased and redeemed with vouchers and credit cards.

It is possible to integrate WSS with mobile apps and systems such as booking, ticketing and loyalty program systems. If there is an existing portal it can be used and integrated with WSS though its APIs.

Fish Farms and Wind farms

Nowhere Network’s solution has a number of uses and it is used with great success by, among others, the fishing industry in Norway.

In recent years, the fishing industry has evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry where very big money is at stake. The industry has, to a great extent, become high-tech and to be able to automate the management of fish farms requires reliable communication to fish farming.

By using Nowhere Network’s advanced tracker solution, fish farms can access the internet in a reliable and cost-effective way and at very long distances, so that they can monitor the fish’s health and feed them without being physically in the fish farm.

Other areas that we cover are Wind farms and Oil-rigs.

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