Saronic Ferries picks Nowhere Networks as supplier of high-speed internet

Greek Saronic Ferries has chosen Swedish Nowhere Networks as supplier of high-speed internet for its fleet consisting of five ships operating in the Saronic region of Greece. 

 Saronic Ferries transports approximately one million passengers annually in the Saronic region with daily traffic from Piraeus to the islands of Aegina, Agistri, Poros and Methana peninsula. The company delivers comfortable trips year-round, to destinations close to Athens, with a great focus on passenger services. To make Saronic even more attractive to its customers the ferry company has chosen Nowhere Networks as provider of its internet communication solution on board.

“ Nowhere Networks was an easy choice for us as they’ve done an excellent job supplying us with a fantastic trial of a communications solution on the route from Piraeus to Aegina, the results of which were very convincing. High-speed internet connectivity with 100 percent coverage on our routes is an important part of the total service-package we want to provide our passengers with. Everything is commissioned on all our five ships and ready to be used,” says Joseph Lefakis, CEO and partner of Saronic Ferries. 

” We are thrilled to have been trusted with supplying internet capability to this reputable and popular shipping company with a long history of ferry traffic in this region. It feels fantastic to expand our footprint in Greece with the addition of Saronic Ferries,” says CGSänne, CCO, Nowhere Networks.


Saronic Ferries is the Consortium consisting of the fleets of 2WAYFERRIES and NOVA FERRIES.

Since 2013, it has been the primary operator of ferries in the Saronic region, connecting daily and safely Athens’ largest port Piraeus with Aegina, Agistri, Poros and Methana. With more than 60 years of experience on this sea route and five modern ships, Saronic Ferries focuses on constantly upgrading the travel experience it offers; to best serve the permanent residents, the professionals and the numerous visitors of the Saronic Islands consistently – 365 days a year. Saronic Ferries serves approximately one million passengers per year.

Its plans include the strategic inclusion of more destinations in the Saronic and the development and operation of an all-electric fleet by 2040 that will offer a green, zero-emission, enjoyable travel experience.

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