We build land-based internet connections to the maritime industry, a terrestrial high speed internet network. We are building one of the fastest and largest networks in the world. Our network for ships, both on land and on ships, is built using proprietary technology and you could say that we are a maritime ISP that has chosen to build with its own technology, because we have a unique, completely superior technology that makes the range maximum , the optimization in the network becomes unbeatable and thus we can deliver the highest SLAs imaginable in this industry. Extremely high uptime, extremely low response times in the internet connection and very high bandwidths. You can compare our network with a fibre connected network. We can combine this with an SD-WAN solution that allows the ship to connect its business-critical systems in a very safe and uninterrupted way, without having to worry about interruptions. Combined with this, we can also offer a WIFI portal solution on board that allows you to give passengers a fantastic user experience on board, you can also charge, do customer surveys / passenger surveys etc. etc. Welcome your passengers with special offers from your service onboard, restaurants, shops etc.

Contact us for more info: sales@nowherenetworks.com