Offshore Solutions

Nowhere Network’s offers solutions offshore, for example in areas like the Fishing industry, Windfarms, Oil-rigs, Fishfarms, Gas companies, Oil companies, Offshore communication, Offshore connectivity

Nowhere Network’s solution has a number of uses and it is used with great success by, among others, the fishing industry in Norway. In recent years, the fishing industry has evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry where very big money is at stake. The industry has, to a great extent, become high-tech and to be able to automate the management of fish farms requires reliable communication to fish farming. By using Nowhere Network’s advanced tracker solution, fish farms can access the internet in a reliable and cost-effective way and at very long distances, so that they can monitor the fish’s health and feed them without being physically in the fish farm.

In recent years, the maritime industry has undergone a dramatic change in the need for IT systems. IT systems are now a business-critical component of the industry. Whether operating a fish farm, a wind turbine at sea or an oil rig, the requirements for reliable communication have thus increased greatly.

We offer the maritime industry and the offshore industry a communication solution that is well proven under very harsh climatic conditions. The innovative and market-leading solution consists of long-range antenna trackers that are controlled and managed by our smart cloud solution for unparalleled range and stability.