Nowhere Networks supplies high speed internet to more than 100 ships

For some time now, Nowhere Networks has exceeded the level of 100 ships in its active customer base and this year we expect a growth of at least another 80%. The global need for stable and fast internet communication to ships is increasing rapidly and with our communication solution we can deliver at the level the customers desire at a cost that is at a very reasonable level.

We now deliver internet to more than 100 ships and we see that the needs of our existing customers are increasing at the same time as more customers realize that we are one of the few suppliers who can offer internet to ships at the high level we can. Customers are added at a high rate, and we are building our network at a faster rate than ever before. We are so proud that we have reached this level while continuously hearing such positive feedback from our customers, even though our growth rate is faster than ever, says CG Sänne, CCO, Nowhere Networks

Woman working with a laptop on cruise ship.

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