Nowhere Networks enters a strategic partnership with Vantage Towers to expand footprint in Greece

The collaboration accelerates the speed at which crew and passengers will be able to enjoy Nowhere Networks superior high-speed maritime network in the Greek archipelago.

Vantage Towers Greece, member of the leading European Vantage Towers Group company with more than 5,270 sites in Greece and Nowhere Networks, the leading provider of near shore and onboard connectivity solutions for the maritime market worldwide, announce today the signing of a three-year strategic agreement.

The agreement simplifies the cooperation of the parties and reduces lead times radically since Nowhere Networks has now access to a broad portfolio of sites across Greece while receiving from Vantage Towers a range of proactive services such as network optimization, project planning and construction of sites.

“We are pleased to contribute to Nowhere Networks dedicated work to supply exceptional high speed internet connectivity at sea to crew and passengers on Greek vessels. This is something passengers have craved for a long time, and we are a proud strategic partner in this endeavor,” said Athanasios Exarchos, Chairman & Managing Director, Vantage Towers Greece.

Nowhere Networks has the world’s largest land based maritime high speed internet network, providing unparalleled connectivity to ships with high bandwidth and low latency. By using Nowhere Networks in-house developed solution, including high performance tracking antennas, ships can obtain high speed internet access and more bandwidth with lower latency than any other radio-based technology on the market.

Asbjörn Frydenlund, CEO, Nowhere Networks commented, This agreement enables the rollout of our superior maritime connectivity in Greece faster than would otherwise be possible. Vantage Towers is a key partner to ensure the quality of the expansion and we are very happy to strengthen our partnership further.”

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