We are happy to announce that our Baltic network expands! Today all ships and customers using our network will be able to connect in Lithuania. Our large European terrestrial network is only getting bigger and bigger. We have just completed another area around Lithuania, which will increase the coverage area by many square kilometers around Lithuania. We build our network with proprietary hardware and control it with our proprietary software. There is no one who can offer higher bandwidths in as large a coverage area and network as we can. To maximize the possibility of being able to deliver such fast internet to the maritime industry, we always focus on building the system with high redundancy and with overcapacity. If you want the largest possible bandwidth at the lowest possible cost, we are the right supplier for you. We offer a number of different commercial arrangements for internet at sea, of which shared revenue is a possible concept. This means that you as a customer minimize your investments and maximize your return while you can offer your customers the best possible user experience.

Mast in Lithuania