Gotland Alandia Cruises picks Nowhere Networks as supplier of high-speed internet

Gotland Alandia Cruises, jointly owned by Gotlandsbolaget and Viking Line, has chosen Nowhere Networks as supplier of high-speed internet connectivity for its cruise ship Birka Gotland.

When the pure cruise ship Birka Gotland starts its service in March this year the up to 1,800 passengers on cruises between Stockholm-Mariehamn and Stockholm-Mariehamn-Visby will experience not only an extraordinary cruise in the beautiful Swedish and Åland archipelago, with high quality food, spa and entertainment, but also internet connectivity with high-capacity courtesy of Nowhere Networks.

” Nowhere Networks was a natural choice for us as they’ve done an excellent job supplying a fantastic communications solution for Destination Gotland on its routes to and from Visby. High-speed internet connectivity is an important part of the cruise experience we want to provide our passengers with on Birka Gotland. Everything is installed and ready to go, now we are impatiently waiting for the launch in March”, says Susanne Kaarnimo-Knight, CEO, Gotland Alandia Cruises AB.

” We are delighted to have been trusted with supplying internet capability to this beautiful cruise ship. It feels extra special as we were the supplier of internet to this ship a few years ago, when she was operated by Eckero Line and called M/S Birka. It’s great to see that she’s back in traffic so soon,” says CG Sänne, CCO, Nowhere Networks.

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