The shipping company DFDS has chosen Swedish Nowhere Networks as its strategic supplier of fast broadband on all the six vessels operating the Dover-Calais and Dover-Dunkerque routes.

After having successfully evaluated Nowhere Networks’ complete Wireless Antenna Tracking Solution DFDS has decided to proceed with a full rollout on all its ships operating the heavily trafficked routes in the English Channel.
– Our evaluation has yielded impressive results which makes us highly confident in signing a strategic partnership with Nowhere Networks as our supplier of a fast-broadband capability. This is something that will really add value to our offer to our passengers and help our staff in their work, says Gert
Møller, Vice President & CIO, DFDS Group.

Nowhere Networks will deliver a “Network as a Service”-solution, meaning a complete service, including operation and maintenance of it. When it is up and running it is expected to deliver high speed internet broadband on all routes and on all vessels.
– Nowhere Networks total supplier offer, which includes everything from equipment to full operation of it, suits us perfectly. The fact that it comes highly recommended from other shipping companies such as Tallink, Eckerö Line and others helped us in our decision-making process. We look forward to
working with Nowhere Networks, says Gert Møller.

Nowhere Networks solutions are hassle-free and stable, providing customers with high quality broadband at a considerably lower cost compared to other available solutions on the market.
– We are very proud to be able to add DFDS to the list of shipping companies which have chosen us as their strategic partner in providing their passengers and employees with high speed internet connectivity. We look forward to start working with DFDS. We will install ship trackers on the vessels and we will place land trackers ashore on different locations and complement the land trackers with offload sector antennas in the ports. Everything is managed with our intelligent cloud software.
Our aim is to deliver high speed broadband on all DFDS vessels in the English Channel before the summer, says, CG Sänne, Vice President & Sales Director, Nowhere Networks.