DFDS Elevates Passenger Experience with NowhereConnect Suite

DFDS, a leader in maritime transportation, has entered a strategic deal with Nowhere Networks to deploy the innovative NowhereConnect Suite on its fleet of six ships operating on the English Channel. This collaboration is a milestone in enhancing passengers’ experience of connectivity, as well as optimizing bandwidth.

NowhereConnect Suite, a solution tailored for maritime connectivity. It seamlessly integrates Wi-Fi management with a captive portal and a robust traffic management engine. This multifaceted suite provides connectivity and will make substantially better use of the available bandwidth and have richer and more informational portal which will enrich the passenger experience on DFDS ships. 

“NowhereConnect Suite is designed to meet the special challenges of the sea, ensuring that passengers have a seamless and enjoyable experience and enabling DFDS to secure unique customer experience through advanced connectivity solutions. We are proud to continue to be a trusted partner to DFDS in revolutionizing maritime connectivity,” said Asbjörn Frydenlund, CEO of Nowhere Networks.

” This strategic move aligns with our commitment to provide our passengers with an exceptional experience, to optimize our operational efficiency and to explore new avenues for customer service. We are thrilled to partner with Nowhere Networks to bring the NowhereConnect Suite to our ships,” said Andrew Watkins, Onboard Commercial Operations Manager, Business Unit Channel, DFDS.

NowhereConnect Suite – Key Features and Benefits for DFDS:

Enhanced Passenger Experience: Passengers aboard DFDS ships can now enjoy a seamless and reliable Wi-Fi experience through the intuitive NowhereConnect Suite. The captive portal not only streamlines the login process but also serves as an information hub, offering real-time updates about the ship and engaging advertising content.

Optimized Bandwidth Utilization: The traffic management engine within NowhereConnect Suite ensures granular control over data traffic, allowing DFDS to make the best possible use of available bandwidth. This optimization guarantees a consistent and high-quality internet experience for all passengers.

Monetization Opportunities: DFDS can leverage NowhereConnect Suite to monetize through targeted advertising and opens opportunities for DFDS to enhance its tax-free sales initiatives. Passengers can now conveniently browse and make purchases during their journey, further contributing to DFDS’s onboard retail revenue.

DFDS Group
DFDS is northern Europe’s largest integrated shipping and logistics company, operating 28 routes including 9 passenger routes as well as providing logistics services. DFDS is headquartered in Copenhagen and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen. DFDS was founded in 1866 and has provided transport services for more than 150 years. The Group’s revenues amounted to DKK 26,9 billion in 2022 and has today approximately 14.500 employees.

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